Our solutions

Our technological platform allows us to develop
various innovative solutions:


Sterile and natural dressings and dermocosmetics, without preservatives and composed of 100% biodegradable hydrogels, used in the development of personalized face masks for various clinical treatments or home care;


The 3D CellFate® Matrix is the platform used for cell and tissue culture in a 3D environment that allows for a more realistic assessment of the behavior of animal and human cells and tissues in labs;


CellFate® - RHE is Biocelltis' in vitro reconstructed human epidermis model. CellFate ®-RHE is used to perform safety tests on new cosmetic, pharmaceutical, agrochemical and personal hygiene products as alternatives to animal use.


CellFate® - IVF is a platform for in vitro fertilization (IVF) that provides support in the maturation, fertilization and cultivation process for in vitro embryos, improving the genetic quality and survival rate of embryos in IVF procedures.


The ArtSkin dermal regeneration matrices, produced from the patient's own cells, can be used when treating burns, hypertrophic scars and skin cancer resections, among other pathologies.

Biocelltis' purpose is
to be at the service of life

It is our mission to develop and provide technologies in biomaterials and tissue regeneration that humankind needs. We work so that this evolution respects our world. It is a complex challenge, as is life.

A Biocelltis trabalha para desenvolver e fornecer tecnologias em biomateriais e regeneração de tecidos.

Our products

Linha RejuvenTis

RejuvenTis ® Line

Sterile and preservative-free hydrogel face masks produced by Biocelltis.
Offers deep skin hydration, pore reduction, skin cleansing and
soothing, rejuvenating and healing effect.

Linha Cellfate ®

The Biocelltis’ 3D CellFate® matrices are developed to growing
human and animal cells in the laboratory. They reproduce the
physical structure of the extracellular matrix, have shelf life of 24
months and are offered sterile and ready for use.

Linha CellFate


Biocelltis’ research, development and innovation cover some products
that will soon be available for sale. Among them are the in vitro reconstructed
human epidermis (CellFate®-RHE), the platform for in vitro fertilization (CellFate®-FIV),
the dermal regeneration matrix and the lab meat.

A Biocelltis Biotecnologia produz biomateriais e desenvolve tecidos humanos em laboratório.

Biotechnology at the service of life


Biocelltis Biotecnologia S.A. produces biomaterials and develops human tissues in laboratory for applications in the medical, biomedical, pharmaceutical, dermocosmetics and veterinary segments.

The human tissue models are built on a hydrogel made up by a porous network of natural and biocompatible nanofibers, Biocelltis’ Core Biotechnology!

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